Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy KINE Beauty products?

KINE Beauty products are sold online. Of course, if you’re in Sacramento CA, you’re welcome to stop by our salon at 1931 P Street

How much do KINE Beauty products cost?

To find the latest prices and promotions please visit the Products section of our website.

Does KINE Beauty test products on animals?

KINE Beauty does absolutely no testing on animals.

Where is the KINE Beauty’s Headquarters?

4120 Douglas Blvd Granite Bay Ca, 95746-5936

What is your Shipping and Return policy?

Our Shipping & Return policy can be found on the Shipping and Return page of our website.

How do I use your products to ensure I get the most benefit from them?

Because each one of the KINE Beauty products is designed to meet a specific need, I have provided you with a brief review of each products purpose, recommended use for best results and give you an idea of what to expect after using them. For this information, I invite you visit the detailed product pages: Detoxifying Scalp Treatment Shampoo® , The Hair Bond® , Body Tonic® , Dermabrasion Facial Sticks® & Dermabrasion Body Sticks®