Take your hair and skin to the islands with our Kine Body Tonic®. It's rich in emollients and moisturizers making it an amazing hair, scalp, body, and hand moisturizer. It can even be used as an incredibly rich and smooth shaving cream. Enjoy the versatility of our new age tonic and its many uses.

Kine Body Tonic®

SKU: 0003
  • I developed the  Body Tonic® primarily because I was tired of my choices in the market. I needed a moisturizer that was easy and convenient in one application for the hair, skin and nails. What I ended up developing was a  fantastic  moisturizer & conditioner for all three. The TONIC can be used right out of the shower as a leave in hair conditioner and it especially works well on the hands and nails for a wonderful hand or all over body cream. You will find the product extremally light when applied with no oil or greasy residue and the end result is simply a long lasting softness.