Kine Dermabrasion Facial Stick® is an extremely effective exfoliating treatment and the best way to keep your skin clear, new and radiant. It's a skin-clearing, water-based scrub for all skin types. Promotes even skin tone, new cell growth and refines texture. Leaves skin feeling bright, smooth and clean.

Kine Derm Abrasion Facial Stick®

SKU: 0005
  • Dermabrasion Facial and Body Sticks are so unique they need to be put in a class of their own. Both products have been specially formulated to replicate the experience of a professional dermabrasion treatment. The goal of these two products is to give you a very special experience in facial and body cleansing in a simple and easy to use package. After using the sticks for just a few days you will feel fresh new and clean. Both products have a special material in them to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells, remove oil, and create a radiant shine on the skin.