Combining a thermally activated blend of ingredients and polymers, designed to penetrate and coat the hair shaft to give long lasting strength, body and shine. Kine Hair Bond® leaves hair remarkably thicker and fuller, creating a healthy finish. The results of this incredible formula will withstand daily washings, lasting up to seven days. Try it and you'll bond forever.

Kine Hair Bond®

SKU: 0002
  • The Hair Bond® is my flagship product and was formulated to thicken hair. Apply it like a gel using a good portion to cover the entire head of hair. After the bond has been applied, a blow drier is recommended to set the product. It really needs heat to get the full effect, the more heat the  longer it will last. Once you’re done blow drying you may mist the hair down with my  BODY TONIC to moisten. The  Bond  has  a very different feel than most styling products. Correctly applied, the results will feel as if each hair has become thicker and stronger.